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We’ve gathered the latest news from around the country showcasing efforts to revitalize the GOP, do what’s best for our country, and get things done. The news is organized around the issues where we believe we can make the most progress, most quickly. Of course, we want to know what you think, so let’s talk.

Turn Down the Noise on Social Media

Since I founded Practically Republican in 2014 – and particularly since the 2016 campaign – I have seen the conversations on our Facebook page and Twitter feed become increasingly vitriolic, with civil debate becoming more like civil war.

Democrats Shouldn’t Count Their Chickens Yet

As a life-long Republican, I have rarely found myself in the position of offering the Democratic Party advice on national campaign strategy. But as the Republican Congress continues refusing to exercise oversight by challenging this administration’s moral bankruptcy and misguided policies…

No Country for True Conservatives

Last week’s Conservative Political Action Conference, or CPAC, highlighted one of the harshest truths about the state of today’s Republican Party. There is little to no room for traditional conservative principles in the current Trumpified GOP.

GOP can keep its holiday ‘gift’

As a registered Republican, small-business owner, philanthropist and member of the 1 percent, I have something to say about the new GOP tax law: It’s 360 degrees of wrong, and I don’t want it and I don’t need it.

Dave Spencer on GOP Senators and Trump

Recent days have seen GOP senators standing up to and speaking out about the fiasco that is the Trump administration. Practically Republican Founder Dave Spencer comments about Jeff Flake’s decision not run for another term and if we’re seeing the beginning of a tipping point for Republican pushback.

Why I’m Not Leaving The GOP

Based on the divisiveness, dysfunction and deceit of the first nine months of the Trump presidency, my Great Uncle Nelson must be rolling over in his grave on a rotisserie. And as a disillusioned Republican who looks in dismay at the current state of the party, I’ve been roasting right beside him on the spit.

The Summer of Love & Hate

This past week’s news has been rightfully dominated by the ongoing natural disaster in Houston. My heart goes out to those whose lives have been upended by this crisis. Here in the Bay Area, there was another big story that became more of a footnote in the national...

GOP Blockbusters Are Box Office Bombs

I love going to the movies. As the lights go down and I sink into my seat, entertainment becomes an escape, a place to lose myself for a few hours in fun, fantasy and drama. Those diversions are especially precious after reading the latest news out of Washington,...