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The Trump Administration has brought the Republican Party into uncharted territory, where disruptiveness and dysfunction have further estranged the nation. Practically Republican is a platform for pragmatic GOP supporters to make our voices heard because unless we speak up, Republicans will not reconcile within the party, no less work with Democrats, to solve problems and get things done.


When Civil Debate Becomes Civil War
March 16, 2018

Our system of government is based on the concept of compromise, a process that requires three key elements: open communication, good faith negotiation and each side making concessions to solve problems for the common good.



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A Message from Founder Dave Spencer


As a fifth generation Rockefeller, my family has a long history of public service. But I’m not running for office. I’m simply a concerned citizen who loves his country, has a passion for politics and wants the GOP to be an issue-oriented party driven by common sense and facts rather than strict ideology and partisanship.

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